Finding specific Moodle versions in the Moodle Git Repository

The key to working with the Moodle git repository ( is to look at changes to the version.php file in the main moodle directory which tells you the moodle version. You can use the whatchanged git command to get a summary of all changes and tags. git whatchanged -p version.php But more than likely if…

Themes and Page Layouts

The types of page layouts – which determine how your moodle page is rendered via: $PAGE->set_pagelayout(‘layout’); These are defined in the base theme (and can be extended by custom themes): Have a look in theme/base/config.php in the $THEME->layouts array for options.

Convert a Moodle URL object to string

There’s a method in the moodle_url class in lib/weblib.php called __toString which will convert a Moodle URL object back to a string if you just need the URL string itself. $PAGE->url->__toString()